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Updated: 1/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Have you heard of whats happening at the harbor.
  • The sons of Liberty make their way to a secret meeting to discuss a major issue within the colonies.
  • We no longer will sit here and take this injustice!
  • Everybody gathers around and Benjamin Franklin steps and discusses that it is unfair that the British parliament can do as they please and no one gets a say in their laws.
  • If anyone leaves without throwing tea, you'll be thrown with it!
  • Slight word had gotten out about the Sons of liberty and people whisper in the shadows about what is going down in that harbor soon.
  • Samuel Adams gathers up a crowd just moments before getting ready to go to the Boston Harbor to throw the tea in the water. Adams gets the crowd of people rowdy and ready to dump the tea.
  • A crowd of people head out to the Boston Harbor and get on board the ship. Everyone has begins to throw crates and barrels worth of tea into the water. Some men are dressed as Native Americans to disguise themselves from their true identity.
  • King George III was not happy to hear about the Boston Tea Party. The harbor was shut down afterwards and all of the British East India Company's tea had to be paid off.
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