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Creative Medium: Bringing your Story to Life
Updated: 10/27/2020
Creative Medium: Bringing your Story to Life
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Storyboard Description

These people from the uncultured land called ‘Living under a Rock’ have heard about the tale of the influencers, the people who are on the social webs showing their perfect lives. All of them have been way too timid and scared of it to even download the apps. Until one day, a brave woman named Diana, decided to try and experiment on these social media websites, she tried it all, you name it, everyone from the land were super against it, they tried to avoid it at all cost, they say the way Diana was acting after gaining access to the webs were very unusual. Diana kept trying to persuade the people from ‘Living under a Rock’ to get these apps, but they just persistently stayed away from these apps which were a good thing. Consistently Diana kept posting about life on the land and how different the world was for her and how the people from the land asked over and over to get off the webs, and how Diana was persistent with the socials. After a few weeks, and while the people stayed away, and ignored Diana’s call saying to join the socials, the people got away from the social media hype and they managed to convince Diana to give up social media, and welcomed her back to the uncultured society.

Storyboard Text

  • Diana
  • The uncultered people discovering the internet.
  • I heard about the internet, what if we tried it? I couldn't be that bad right?
  • I know, I know but what if we just tried for once?
  • NO!! why would you want to expose or community like that, it would be awful, can't you see we live in harmony. We don't need to go out of our way to make friedns
  • Citizens of Living under a rock land
  • Diana
  • The uncultered confronting Diana
  • Why can't you just embraze it!?!? It is for the better!!
  • Citizens of Living under a rock land
  • Can't you see it's changing you? You are acting so different. I can barely recognize you
  • It shoud not be a thing anymore, you have to drop it, and join us again, its were you belong!
  • Diana giving in and leaving her social media live behind her
  • You were right, I don't belong there, I belong here with you guys, my people.
  • Diana
  • Citizens of Living under a rock land
  • We knew you would make the right choice. Welcome back.
  • In this scene the people are just discovering what this new world is (technology). For many centuries they have been living under a shadow oblivios to this whole concept to connect via the internet. This young woman, Diana, wants to be original, and wants to be remembered so she finds this talking block (phone) and for weeks she tries to learn how to work this device. And once she finally gets the hang of it she introduces it to her people. To which her people find it very strange do not approve of it what so ever.
  • In this scene, some of here closest friends are confronting her about not being herself and starting to fit in with the influencers, meaning changing her style, hair, and her personality. Diana is not taking it very well and she can not see the influence these internet stars have had on her. It is becoming very dangerous for the privacy of the citizens on the land.
  • In this part of the story Diana finally realizes that she could not convince her people to join the internet, soon after she realized how much she had changed and made it her mission to got back the way she was and regain the trust of the uncultured. The uncultured welcomed her back when they realise that she actually went back to normal and could trust her again.
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