The War In Vietnam
Updated: 2/24/2020
The War In Vietnam

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  • The Nightmare(Boston Massachusetts)
  • Ivan:Ahh!!Jeez I'll tell it
  • The Unexpected Suprise
  • its not what i think it is is it?
  • this cant be happening
  • The Big Decision
  • Ivan decides to tell the dream that Morris had since he tells it almost every day/Morris dreams about getting drafted into war with Ivan, Rudi, Beck and himself "NO! let me tell MORRIS?"
  • Life and Death
  • yes i promise!
  • if yousay so..
  • Later that day Rudi receives a letter no one would want to receive the letter said, "You are hereby directed to present yourself for Armed forces physical examination" this means they would be seeing if he could go into war
  • Good Friends(Vietnam, Asia)
  • All of the guys decide to go all together and go to war just like they promised it.
  • Death
  • NOOOO!!!!
  • Everyday more people were getting killed,Morris finds his courage tested like never before.He made a pledge he would not let his friends die.
  • Morris then realised what he got himself into.This wasn't a little thing. He started to doubt himself and he was scared..."Not training the real deal. The ship is firing at the ground forces and i have no idea what to think. Part of me thinks that the 8 55" guns are sweet the other weak part says that they are loud and scary.
  • Right when everything seems to go right and calms down. BOOM Rudi is shot down by a sniper. Rudi was shot and killed by a sniper that day and Morris is forced to make a decision, to let go.
  • How could this happen
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