Anthem/Giver Crossover
Updated: 1/31/2020
Anthem/Giver Crossover
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  • Who are you? I saw a light from far away and thought this was a different community, but I just see your house over there.
  • Hi, I'm Prometheus. My wife and I live here, but we're the only ones.
  • Sorry to barge in on you, but I'm escaping from my community. They wanted to kill Gabriel, and I just couldn't let that happen.
  • I understand! Where I used to live, babies were separated from their mothers at birth.
  • My Golden One and I are lucky that we escaped. Please, come to my house and rest. You must be exhausted from your travels.
  • That's absolutely awful! Your society sounds even worse than mine.
  • It's wonderful. We had technology, but my society hid so many things from its people. I was the Receiver of Memory, so I learned all about snow and color when no one else did. 
  • Welcome to my home! I decorated it with lights because I didn't used to have technology like that. I rediscovered it, which was the reason that I ran away from my old society.
  • I've learned everything about the Unmentionable Times from the many book in this house. My society called everyone "they," nothing was individual.
  • Wow. I received memories from the Giver, who showed me things that my old community didn't have. It's crazy that the governments had so much control over us.
  • Don't worry Jonas. You are free here!
  • This is my wife, Gaea! We met while working, but weren't allowed to be together. Nobody had families.
  • Hi Gaea, I'm Jonas, and this is Gabriel. I also come from a place where feelings were suppressed. They forced us to take pills and it was awful.
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