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Corona virus
Updated: 3/25/2020
Corona virus
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  • It wont hurt us not isolating will it?
  • No, its fine.
  • I met up with my friend earlier today it was so fun.
  • We are meant to be isolating! Listen tothe news!
  • If you have been out in the pastcouple days youshouldn't have! You are likely to catch the virus!
  • It cant be that bad,I'm not going to catch it anyway
  • The boy and his friend have gone to the shop while everyone is meant to be isolating in their homes because of the corona virus.
  • I feel a bit hot, and my nose is blocked and I feel dizzy. Maybe I should go to the doctor.
  • He phoned his mum to tell her aboujt how he met up with his friend. But his mum wasn't impressed and told him he should of been watching the news.
  • I am afraid youhave been diagnosed withcorona virus. You shouldn't of been socialising.
  • I should havelistened to thenews, government and the doctors...'coughs' 'sneezes'
  • He go's home that night and watched the news. He starts to worry, but then says to himself that he isn't going to catch it anyway.
  • He should of listed to the news the doctors,stay at home and stop socialising, the more you socialise, the longer we will have to suffer from the virus and isolation.Stay at home, Stay safeAnd always take your doctors advice.
  • The next morning he starts to feel ill. He starts to experience some of the symptoms of the virus.
  • He arrives at the doctors and has a test to see if he has caught the virus or not. The doctor comes back and tells him he has caught the corona virus andtold him off for socialising.
  • The message of this story is that if the doctors andnurses tell you to not socialise and stay away from others, then you should listen to them and do whatyour told. Otherwise there will be consequences, and everything will keep getting worse.
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