Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Great China area is a non-negligible market. We must send someone to deploy the new market development plan.
  • Jerry White
  • Sure, I will do my best!
  • Kayla Logan
  • Kayla welcome to join us, we hope you can go to China for our new market development.
  • Jerry White
  • No problem. She will be sent to China as soon as she pass the new hire training in Paris.
  • Nancy Gilbert
  • We just hired Kayla Logan as our new market director, And we want to send her to China for 2 years to develop the new market.
  • Jerry White
  • Since Kayla Logan has two assignments to go on, I will distribute the jobs to my subordinates and hand over to PwC. I will just keep an eyes on the assignment status.
  • MS Rebecca
  • I will follow all assignment to the Great China area and collaborate with Lisa from PwC.
  • Non-MS Rebecca
  • I will handle all assignments to France and collaborate with Sofia from PwC.
  • Hasting is one of the three clients I'm responsible for. I will take over Kayla Logan's assignment to China since it is a MS assignment.
  • Lisa Nicolas