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Updated: 2/2/2021
Storyboard that

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  • Did you hear about the house you have?
  • What are talking about ?
  • There is a rumor that there are 4 rented houses in the neightborhood. Other people could and even people. 
  • Could you stop talking about that? It's scary.
  • Must be home alone right? I think this house must be haunted because for everything to be heard.
  • Well yes, it is very rare that people say those super murky things that are so scary.
  • Hey Alexia, what if we go into the house to see if those rumors are true and everything those people say? We enter ?
  • You would do your best to convince me, right? And enter the house? Well I really don't know, Kiara is really scary. But hey, let's get in now.
  • Alexia just walked into this house and I would do whatever it takes to leave. The house is horrible and feels strange.
  • Yes, but you don't hear footsteps or anything. So don't worry. Forget what I just told you, you just heard noises. And let's get out of here. Now!!!
  • I told you that the energy in this house was very strange.
  • Shut up kiara, let's get out of here.