Unit 1: Project- Confucianism
Updated: 2/16/2021
Unit 1: Project- Confucianism

Storyboard Description

Describe and explain one Chinese philosophy or religion in detail (you will need to do extra research).

Storyboard Text

  • Our visit to China was amazing! The people were super nice!
  • I told you coming here for our vacation was a good idea!
  • I wonder what part of China's history affected the peoples personalities...
  • Well lucky for you, I happen to be studying Ancient China in school right now!
  • Wow! Can you tell me about the people back then and how that has affected the people here now?
  • Well there was something called Confucism. It is a system on philosophical teachings created by Confucius.
  • If you want to learn more about him copy and paste the link to my presentation into your browser
  • ~
  • Man! I learned so much today! Confucius seems to have been very intelligent.
  • K’ung Fu-Tzu became the founder of Confucianism in the 6th century BCE China. Confucianism developed from what was later called the Hundred Schools of Thought. Confucianism is a system of philosophical and ethical teachings developed by Mencius. Some key teaching of Confucianism is to have an emphasizing love for humanity, high value given to learning, the devotion of family (including ancestry) peace and justice influenced by the traditional culture of China. But the main goal of Confucianism is to better individuals and society.
  • Did you get a chance to read that sign? It seemed to be a basic summary of Confucianism.
  • That is really nice of you!
  • Yeah! I was actually the one who made that sign, to share what I learned today.
  • Well, YOU were the one who taught me about it.