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Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • DOTr, should set rules about the tourism impact for modernization of jeepneys also they may set rules that when the passenger is student and senior citizen should have a discount.
  • Jeepney has been one of the most realible and affordable means of public transportation in the Philippines.
  • What about us students when the face to face is back? Fare prices may increase and us commuters will suffer more.
  • Our Jeepneys have become synonymous with our daily life, what if the design of the jeep is changed? isn’t that the one that tourist visit and want to try here in the Philippines because of the different design and colors of our jeepney.
  • Heavy traffic is one of the bigger problems in the country, through this modernization our Jeepney routes will take effect, which will lead to faster and more predictable,safety and commuting time.
  • Commuters in the Philippines will have eco-friendly, safe and comfortable transportation.
  • Most of us know that we inhale toxic fumes from vehicles daily right? So the modern jeepneys they greatly contribute to pollution and, therefore replacing with greener models can help improve our country’s air quality.
  • In modern jeepneys, There are bigger space allocations, for added comfort and convenience to commuters.