Battle of tours comic
Updated: 2/17/2021
Battle of tours comic

Storyboard Text

  • we will defeat you one day!!!!!
  • your banned! dont come back or else!
  • I will plunder the French territories!
  • Guys its getting cold out we gotta start this war if we even want to try
  • The Muslims would threaten the French territories and told them they would want to fight and defeat them. Duke Eudes banned them from their territory
  • we have the advantage
  • we will wait because we are prepared!
  • The governor of Spain wanted to plunder their territory but at this point, they didn't have peace with each other
  • The Arabs are getting ready for the war but they aren't prepared for the cold.
  • The Franks were prepared for the cold so they wanted to wait until the Arabs couldn't wait because they were too cold.
  • The Muslims won and retreated back to the Pyrenees.
  • They celebrated their win and no other invasions were attempted after the battle.