Updated: 3/17/2021

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  • Chapter 3
  • My name is Jay Gatsby and my party's were incredibly luxurious and the food is very expensive and fancy and I have allot of alcohol.
  • I am Jordan Baker and I am incurably dishonest and I was accused of cheating in a golf tournament.
  • I slapped Mrs. Wilson on the nose breaking her nose and her nose bled everywhere and it ended up broken. And who are you?
  • Chapter 2
  • I am George B. Wilson and I am a mechanic who bought and sold cars.
  • I am from San Francisco which is in California and it very far away from the Midwest.
  • Chapter 4
  • I am Meyer Wolfsheim and my cufflinks are made of human teeth and I meet you Jay Gatsby before you had to go to war.
  • I'm in East Egg Daisy and what is this a place for?
  • Chapter 1
  • It is a more fashionable place for us to live where everyone who comes from old money with a more respectable family lives.
  • He died and shot himself in the swimming pool with blood around him in it.
  • So I ended up making phone calls to work on planning the funeral.
  • Chapter 9
  • What happened to Gatsby?
  • I wanted nothing less of Daisy than that so she should go to Tom and say I never loved you.
  • Chapter 5
  • My grass was cut in my repayment for me asking to agree to have daisy over.