Updated: 11/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I am sticking a needle in it.
  • What are you doing with that poppet?
  • You should give it to Elizabeth and leave the needle inside
  • Do you want this poppet I made? You can keep it in the kitchen
  • That is very nice of you, yes!
  • May I come in? I have some questions to ask
  • Yes, you know all of this witch stuff is a lie right?
  • I am looking for a poppet, Abigail told me it would be here.
  • What is so important about it?
  • My wife did nothing wrong.
  • Reader Response: I think that this quote not only relates to the book but also society today. In the book, it is saying how the ¨victims¨ or accusers are always telling the truth and have no reason to lie. Abigail proves this wrong because she is only doing it to get Elizabeth out of the way. In society today, people will often make up rumors that everyone will believe. Even though they are not true, people for some reason want to believe them. I think that is because people want to think that someone would not just lie and make things up, but that is not always the case.
  • Significant Quote: ¨Is the accuser always holy now? Were they born this morning as clean as God´s fingers?" (77)
  • Socio-economic: This quote says a lot about the society and culture at the time. People are so willing to believe that someone else is a witch and they almost want to find the evidence against them. In this story, Abigail has the most power in society because she is able to accuse anyone of anything and they will be hung for it. People are more scared of her than they are government officials because they know she could accuse them. This shows that their social class structure is not very stable because one girl is able to mess everything up and be more powerful than anyone else just by pointing her finger and telling lies.