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Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • One day in Nepal, India, a boy named Siddhartha was born. It was to be told that Siddhartha would grow up to become an Emperor of India or a Holy man. Siddhartha's father wanted him to be an emperor so he kept his son locked up in the Castle.
  • Siddhartha's father was very rich. Siddhartha had every fortune imaged, money, jewels, personal servants, you name it. Siddhartha could do anything he wanted expect, go outside the Castle.
  • Siddhartha was sick of living in the Castle for his whole life, so one day he left the Castle and took his own personal rider with him. What he saw shocked him, he saw all of India dying by the second, living on the streets. Siddhartha kept leaving the Castle more and more after that.
  • After leaving more frequently Siddhartha met three men, he met a sick man, an aging man, and a dying man. Those were the only people that represented India at the time. Then Siddhartha met a holy man. Inspired by the Holy man, Siddhartha left the Castle for good to find his moment of enlightenment.
  • Siddhartha went to the quietest place he could find. After that Siddhartha set out to find his moment of enlightenment called, Nirvana. Once Siddhartha found his Nirvana he became the Buddha. For the rest of his life he practiced and spread the religion Buddhism. He taught Karma and Dharma which is based on one's behavior it reflects on your life, like Hinduism. He also taught the 4 Noble Truths, The Eightfold Path, and the Middle Way
  • Ever heard of Buddhism?
  • Buddhism went on to spread all over Asia including Japan, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia. We know this as a fact because there were Buddhist Statues on one of the Islands far away from India were it Buddhism originated. The religion most likely spread by traveling merchants from the silk road. Thanks to the tolerant leader, the religion was able to spread.
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