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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • this poor boys father is dying, a man invites the boy to be an indentured servent
  • come with me to the america's where you can be an indentured servent
  • but im only 9, i wont be able to manage your farm
  • ok!
  • son, i have cancer
  • the journey to the colonies is long and hard
  • this journey is too rough, i dont think im gonna make it
  • the boy is in the colonies and is working on a farm
  • being an indentured servant is hard work, but at least i can get out of my tough situation
  • this poor boys father is dying, that is a good reason to go to the colonies, he is too young to own his fathers property and if he stays he'll have to take care of his father, but a bad thing is that he will have to leave his father
  • this man is getting kidnapped and taken away from his home in Africa.
  • get in the ship, don't make a sound or you will die
  • the journey is long and tough, with seeing many people die, and others being sick, but he pushed through it and made it to the colonies
  • the man is confused and wants an explanation
  • whats gonna happen to me
  • the landlord owns it, but he is very nice, he only gave the boy 4 years of indentured servitude
  • after 7 years of being a slave the man dies of exhaustion
  • he is being threatened by a man taking him as a slave
  • he is in a tight space under the deck, he is forced under there to make sure that he doesnt know how to operate the ship
  • the cruel people who stole him from his land, made him work for years, barely having a break