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Updated: 1/31/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Nicholas II becomes Czar 1894-1917
  • I am the new Czar of Russia!!
  • Provisional Government 1917
  • The Duma belongs to the Russian Parliament.
  • March Revolution 1917
  • Down with Autocracy!!
  • Down with the war!
  • In 1894, Nicholas II became the czar of Russia and continued with his father (Alexandra III) autocracy rule. Mostly because he didn't think he would share his power with anyone else. Furthermore, he was not liked by the public because of his harsh policies and horrible rule over Russia.
  • Lenin Restores Power 1917
  • Peace, Land and Bread!
  • The Russian Provisional Government was established by Russia immediately following the abdication of Nicholas on March 2 1917. The intention of the government was the organization of elections to the Russian Constituent Assembly and its convention. However, it lasted for approximately eight months.
  • Civil War 1917
  • ATTACK!!
  • I'm hit!
  • On March 1917, Women textile workers had led a citywide strike. Riots had broken because of shortages of bread and fuel. Many of them wanted Autocracy to be thrown out. Soldiers were sent in to shoot the protesters but instead end up joining them.
  • Joseph Stain takes Control 1924
  • Lenin returns to Russia from exile in 1917, with the help from Germany. While Kerensky is the head of the provisional government, Lenin becomes the new revolution leader of the Bolsheviks. With the help of his slogan, Lenin was able to connect with the workers and formed soviets. 
  • Lenin is able to overthrow the provisional government and come into power. He gives back to the workers and peasants and gets Russia out of WWI but still has Anti-Bolsheviks. This starts the Civil War in Russia between the Red Army (Bolsheviks) and the White Army (Mensheviks). 14 million are killed during the civil war and Russia is left in a disaster.
  • Lenin dies in 1924, and Joseph Stalin comes into power. By 1929, he was able to have total control of the Communist Party and had absolute control over the country and its people. He uses technology, peoples freedom, police terror, propaganda to help him rule.
  • I am in control now!!
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