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Updated: 11/25/2020
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  • Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
  • Theme
  • Theme Development #1
  • " the way he let me know that this is just an excuse"(1.19).
  • Progress Check #3: Theme by Daniel Sellers
  • Theme Development #2
  • "I was starting to understand why FInn chose him"(4.33)
  • The ongoing theme of this story is love is family love. The love that June and Toby has for Finn brings them together as a family. The theme is shown is shown the first time Toby and June meet, Toby says that they are the only two people left that really knew Finn. That family love ends up ruining the relationship between June and Greta, or Toby and June's family.
  • Theme development #3
  • "Toby was right. Finn was my first love. But Toby, he was my second"(65.1).
  • Finn and June are always together because Finn has AIDS and is painting a portrait for June and Greta. Every Sunday June, her mother, and Greta go over to Finn's apartment so that FInn can paint the portrait, but because FInn and June are so close Finn told June that the portrait is just an excuse to see them. Greta is jealous that June is so close to her godfather, because Greta's she doesn't really like.
  • Thematic Solution
  • "I wanted to give Toby back to Finn"(65.21)
  • When Greta tries to get the close relationship that her and June used to have, Finn's boyfriend Toby send June a letter to meet up and talk. The more and more that June goes over to Finn's apartment to see Toby, Greta and June drift apart again. June learns so much more about Finn as she talks to Toby. Toby and June are starting to get the family love relationship that June has with her family.
  • After Toby gets in trouble for getting Greta out of the woods, he gets taken to the hospital for having AIDS. Greta helps June get to the hospital because June says she is the only person Toby has left, and June believes that Toby is her second love. Greta is helping June because June and Greta has made up and is trying to help each other as much as possible. Greta is starting to get that family love towards June, while June has that family love towards Toby and will do anything to help him.
  • In the end even though Toby ended up dying, June and Greta are back to being friends like how they used to. Finn and Toby are reunited. The Elbus family is back to being close. The family love is back with the entire family not just two of them. All of the characters love each other again and want to be with each other.