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English 4 Hero's Journey
Updated: 9/15/2020
English 4 Hero's Journey
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  • Parts 1 and 2 of the Hero's Journey
  • Why do you always dress so poorly, who are you trying to impress, your own mother?
  • Why are you so mean to everyone here?
  • I must do something about the school bully
  • Parts 3-5 of the Hero's Journey
  • Mom I need advice on how to deal with an awful bully at school.
  • We have our first test of the year tomorrow, I will just outscore him then.
  • You have to take down his ego, beat him at something you're good at like grades.
  • I've outscored all the losers in this call on the test again. You guys are stupid.
  • Parts 6-8 of the Hero's Journey
  • How is this possible, there is no way I lost to a bully.
  • The mean bully, Trevor, has always been a problem at Johnson HS but here our young hero, Chase, is ready to make the stand.
  • Part 9 of the Hero's Journey
  • I lost it was quite embarrassing.
  • Chase talks to his mom who gives him advice on what to do to defeat the bully at school.
  • Part 10 and 11 of the Hero's Journey
  • WOW!! Good game, I never knew you were so good at basketball. Maybe people aren't always what they seem.
  • Our hero, Chase, loses a big battle and is disheartened that the bully we never be a nicer person because no one has the power to stand up to him.
  • Part 12 of the Hero's Journey
  • I'm sorry. You were right all along, I need to give people a chance and stop being so rude and mean.
  • Chase is at all time low and decides to talk to his mother for some advice. With lifted spirits and a new plan, Chase is ready to face Trevor.
  • Good idea! I'll even bring my lucky basketball.
  • You have practiced basketball everyday this summer and nobody knows you're so good. You should beast him in gym class in front of everyone.
  • Chase demolishes Trevor in a hard and physical game of basketball to show that nerds can also be athletic.
  • SEE!! Give people a chance and stop being a bully.
  • Trevor apologizes to Chase for being so mean to everyone and promises to let people show who they are before judging them.
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