COVID-19 Pandemic Awareness - Vaccine Mutation
Updated: 1/1/2021
COVID-19 Pandemic Awareness - Vaccine Mutation

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 3 SHOT 2
  • “When researchers took a closer look at its genome, they were stunned by the relatively large number of mutations - there were by far 23 mutations found. The number of mutations looked as if they could possibly affect how the virus spreads.”
  • SCENE 3 SHOT 3
  • SCENE 3 SHOT 4
  • Voice over (Doctor)
  • SCENE 4 SHOT 1
  • “Is it more contagious than other viruses?”
  • Illustration showing a man looking into a microscope
  • SCENE 4 SHOT 2
  • “It appears so. Researchers have found that the virus is spreading vastly in parts of some of the country in England, displacing a crowded field of other variants that have been circulating for months.”
  • Illustration showing mutation increasing
  • SCENE 4 SHOT 3
  • Text displayedVoice over (Man)
  • Voice over (Doctor)
  • Illustration of a map showing the New variant spreading
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