American Revloution
Updated: 3/28/2019
American Revloution
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  • Come on in Hulk! Please sit
  • Thank you,I came to talk about the fight which is not very far from here. I don't have any assignments so I was thinking, I could maybe fight for the Americans. This will increase our publicity and helping nature
  • Hulk!
  • I don't understand why he likes the British so much, he's an American. 
  • I notice this fight to but though I am an American I would rather you fight for the British but, it's if you don't you fight at all because we will, either way, decrease publicity by fighting on one side. If you fight for the Americans than the British won't like us. I hope you understood
  • I can't just sit around and do nothing. I might just have to listen to boss and fight for who I want to because one day this place will be a free country.
  • I would love to help you but boss gave me a break for a month which I am going to use wisely and the boss just called and told me not assignments.I would advise you not to fight at all because you don't want to be in bosses bad side. Sorry!
  • Thunderbolt, I was wondering If you could fight with me in the war that's going on outside.
  • it's fine
  • I don't understand why everybody doesn't want to fight for the right side. I think I might have to thing more about what's going to happen if I do this!
  • You did the right thing coming to me , the fight is going well though I think it would be better to have more fighters. Ask him why he like the American's more than the British and than tell him the sympathy story of the lie you told me.
  • How is the war going ?I have come to ask you that today Hulk came and asked me if he can fight for the Americans! told him neither because I don't want to give a clue that I hate the American's because what they did to me.
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