Nihilism Comic
Updated: 8/11/2020
Nihilism Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Why doesn't it feel like it though?? :(
  • Greg has a nice life. A big house, a beautiful wife, two kids, and a well-paying job. He should be happy right?
  • Life is meaningless!!!!
  • We have such a great life!
  • But lately he's been wondering what life is all about. Does he even matter? Or is he just a blob of atoms that happened to have formed on Earth at this specific point in time?
  • What is the Meaning of Life? Nothing Work 42 Family
  • While lying awake at night contemplating his existence he realized that life was meaningless. Because we're all gonna die anyway, right? He realized that he was just drifting through the motions of life with no actual purpose.
  • What happened to my life? How come I have to go to a job I hate everyday? It's pointless. We're all gonna die anyway so what's the point? Oh right! I have to provide for my family. But we're still going to die anyways. So what's the point???
  • Now that Greg has realized that life has no purpose he decided to live his life to his own rules. Step 1: Quit his job. His boss wasn't very happy. His life is slowly going down a decline, but who cares because life is meaningless.
  • I quit!
  • YOU QUIT!!! >:(
  • Step 2: Leave his wife and children. He sort of regrets this decision but as you can see from his facial expression it doesn't last for long as he is now a strong believer of the idea that life has no purpose, meaning, or universal values.
  • SCREW YOU!!!
  • Don't go!! :(
  • Greg has now officially thrown his life away as he has become a very unsuccessful criminal and has therefore been put in jail. He doesn't seem to care though because life is meaningless.(He also has a cellmate named Howard (the duck)).
  • Three years later...