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The Key Elements Of Facism
Updated: 5/16/2020
The Key Elements Of Facism
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by annie merrick

Storyboard Text

  • extreme nationalism
  • Germany is the best country in the world !!!
  • Cult Of Wise Leader
  • Hostility To Democracy
  • VOTE
  • gossip
  • Fascists believed that their nation was the best , andthey wanted to expand the power of their nation.
  • strong opposition to communismand socialism
  • £10
  • Fascists belived that their leader knew best .The leader had to be obeyed at all times.
  • Racism 
  • SHOP
  • Fascists said that democracy and free speech led to weak and bad governments
  • Propaganda
  • Hitler is the best
  • Facists thought that communists and socialists were trying to take over the world
  • £10
  • Fascists believed their race was the best ,they wanted to exclude certain races , especially the Jews
  • Only Germans Allowed !!!!!!!
  • Fascists also used propaganda to persuade people to go by their beliefs , e.t.c
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