Little Women
Updated: 5/20/2020
Little Women

Storyboard Text

  • Merry Christmas Teddy! Merry Christmas Amy! Where is Meg and Marmee?
  • Why merry Cristmas to you too Jo! Meg is upstairs with your mother and Mr.Brooke and your father are finding us a nice big Turkey for supper!
  • Meg! Mrs.March! Jo is here!
  • why Amy you look beautiful!
  • Thank you! are you planning on staying the night?
  • I'm afraid i can't. i am quite busy writing my latest book.
  • Oh Jo! i am so glad your here i MUST tell you some thing!
  • Meg dear, calm down please! you'll trip!
  • I am having another Child!!!
  • Oh that is wonderful Meg! What shall it be called?
  • Girls we're home!
  • We give grace to Beth and Mr.Lawrence. Two very good people.