Unknown Story

Updated: 10/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The Flouring corn
  • Hi my name is Maize but some people call me Corn. I was born in the new world/ America more specially near the Maya and Aztec's land.
  • My husk is used to be woven, they but butter on us and eat us. I am used for so many things.The first people to use me were the aztecs and the Maya.
  • NOOO
  • We are moved from the new world to the old world/America to Europe. There was a ton of us travling
  • Europeans tried me and I soon flourished. Everyone started to make different kinds of corn so it would be easy to crop.
  • The new world and Old world Made tons of new variations of corn, that worked for all types of soil. Now people use me the same way, but they use our kernels to make popcorn.