How giraffes got their long necks.
Updated: 11/4/2020
How giraffes got their long necks.

Storyboard Text

  • Giraffe thought he was the king of the world and no one could help him.
  • One day Giraffe was walking along the hills and saw a apple tree. The apples were crisp and looked delicious
  • I don't need your help! Your just a little squirrel and I am a king Giraffe!
  • Do you want some help?
  • Giraffe spent all day there trying to get the apple. He stretched and stretched, and didn't realize his neck grew longer and longer.
  • Finally giraffe got the apple, but his neck drooped he tried to make it stand up but it just fell down close to the ground
  • And now all giraffes have long necks because of that one careless giraffe
  • At least I got the apple! *Hmph!*
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