DC US History - 1774 New Quartering Act
Updated: 2/14/2020
DC US History - 1774 New Quartering Act

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  • I got it! We're issuing a new quartering act! The colonists will be forced to share their homes with British soldiers should the need arrive
  • Haven't we tried that before?
  • 10 years earlier . . . (1765)
  • What if we created some type of law that the colonist have to provide barracks for our soldiers... it'll save us some money. . . yeah that's good someone write that down
  • yeah but this time we'll enforce it
  • We really can't refuse?
  • I just cleaned
  • Such a nice place you have here. Mind if we stay a while?
  • I don't want these strangers in my home
  • Pretty sure that infringes on our rights
  • I'm with you guys
  • Yeah. . . that's not happening
  • Each colony (except Georgia) sent representatives to decide how to respond to the British
  • First Continental Congregation
  • I'm sure you're wondering why I called all 56 of us here