Reunifying China
Updated: 1/17/2020
Reunifying China
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  • Due to a shift in beliefs and a corrupt government, peasants joined together and rebelled, leading to the fall of the Han Dynasty.
  • After the Han Kingdom fell, the country's ambitious warlords and generals fought each other in order to gain control, until most of China was divided into 3 kingdoms, which were soon united into the Tang Dynasty.
  • Under the Tang Dynasty, China entered a Golden Age, where many improvements were made The Great Canal revolutionized trade and transportation in China.
  • During the rule of the Tang Dynasty, arts flourished like sculpture, painting, and metalworking.
  • After the Tang Dynasty split into separate kingdoms, Taizu, a military general, seized power and started the Song Dynasty, which still used many of the Sui and Tang's ideas.
  • Many new improvements developed during the time of the Song Dynasty, like the first mechanical clock and the crossbow.
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