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Of Mice and Men Project
Updated: 10/16/2020
Of Mice and Men Project
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  • Me too, George.
  • Friendship
  • I can't wait until we gather enough money to buy our own farm.
  • Loneliness
  • I am the only African-American on this ranch
  • I have no friends.
  • I have nobody
  • Dreams
  • Hahahahahahahaha
  • What are you laughing at? DUMMY!
  • Throughout the whole story George was the caretaker of Lennie, but he was also Lennie's best friend. George protected Lennie because Lennie did things that he didn't know was wrong and people in the story would get mad and try to hurt Lennie.
  • Companionship
  • What did you do Lennie?
  • I did a bad thing George.
  • George is going to get me
  • Crooks was the only African-American in the book "Of Mice and Men." He was always lonely because he didn't have any friends and he felt as though he couldn't do things like the other men in the book could.
  • Powerlessness
  • I always do bad things
  • Curley's dream was to have everyone on the ranch respect him because everyone on the ranch didn't take Curley serious and they would just laugh and make fun of him.
  • Barriers & Obstacles
  • George! Is that you?
  • I'm sorry, Lennie.
  • George always tries to help Lennie out especially when Lennie gets himself in trouble and can't get himself out of it.
  • Lennie is powerless throughout the whole story because he is mental and he has George take care of him because he doesn't know how to keep himself out of trouble. He doesn't be thinking if he does things wrong or right.
  • George had to shoot Lennie because he killed Curley's wife by shaking her and breaking her neck. Curley wanted to make Lennie suffer so George decided to kill Lennie so he wouldn't have to suffer.
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