Matt story of china
Updated: 2/18/2020
Matt story of china
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  • Daosim
  • but you have to rule
  • Fine but I will rule as little possible
  • No I do not want to be king
  • You are the new king sir
  • This is the best crossbow
  • Inventions
  • I have never seen this thing before it is so good
  • Ming
  • Ya we are the more advanced nation on earth right now
  • Look at all the stuff we have -“Fire Dragon Issuing from the Water” rocket launcher and -Toothbrush
  • to fule the king Daoism, the king wants to rule as little as possible. So then the people can make the choose
  • Abomination
  • Yes you will join me to help kill you people
  • The crossbow was not be out of china becasue china want it to not be now to man so people can not copy them and it was so good
  • Matt the best
  • Am I the best king to ever live look at all the money I have
  • historians say it was the most advanced nation on Earth at the time. And that is as all the Inventions like troothbrush that we use to day and a rocket louncher that looks like a dragon.
  • Matt is still the best
  • No nobody ids better then me because I am the best in everything
  • I think this person is better then you
  • If you join the other team you will betrayal you people and mabey help raid or kill you people. the other team might kill you when you are done with all of that
  • dude spare me I can join you to help you fight
  • I know this becasue I said it and I am the best ever person and king becasue I am Matt Brown
  • yes your are the best king in the world
  • becasue I am better then an other person you think that he or she is better then me. Then you are worng becasue I am the best
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