mission life

Updated: 10/7/2021
mission life

Storyboard Text

  • hi i'm a native american and my people have been here for more than 400 years the men go out and hunt and the women gather plants and make our clothes we build all of our huts and find all of our water its hard work but it is worth it in the end
  • I see land
  • lets go explore it maybe the king will pay us
  • i don't trust this place have your guns ready men
  • look at all this new life on this new place no that sounds weird new world
  • hello chef we need your help my troops are depleted we need food
  • learn Spanish,get a job so we can tax you and then you would be a Spanish citizen
  • this is a persidio a military outpost or fort it was also used for storage for guns gunpowder