Nora Van Horn TKaM Conflict
Updated: 11/2/2020
Nora Van Horn TKaM Conflict

Storyboard Text

  • "He's nothing but a n*****-lover!"
  • "He is not!"
  • "I split my knucklebone on his front teeth."
  • "n*****-lover,"
  • "she called me a w****-lady and jumped on me!"
  • "I reckon so."
  • "Is that true, Scout?"
  • Quotes from pg 110.
  • i really don't want to...
  • Wanna come and organize the treehouse?
  • Yeah, it'll be fun!
  • Quotes from pg 112.
  • Quotes from pg 112.
  • Me, my sister, and my two cousins had an argument on what we should do next. My sister and the older cousin wanted to organize the treehouse and the younger cousin and I wanted to go inside because it was cold.(people are not accurate, for the record)
  • So while they were organizing the tree house....
  • We filled up their toothpaste with water because we wanted to hang out with them but we didn't want to organize!!