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Math comic strip
Updated: 10/13/2019
Math comic strip
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  • Do -4xy + -9xy + 6x
  • Let's go and teach kids about math, since they don't know how to combine like terms.Great idea!
  • Lets now do a buzzer. Who can hit the button first? Looks like Wendy got it.
  • We will teach you. The first question my assistant will teach you
  • 4(-3x+-2x)
  • I know how to do it. You do -4x plus -9x which is -13x and then put the 12 down and it is -13x+12.
  • Let's start simple so -4x+-9x + 12
  • How did you do that? I will never pass school.!!!
  • It is alright. My assistant will show you another one
  • I combined the -4 and -9 and put an x and then add 12. I didn't add it because it did not have an x.
  • You guys are so welcome. Come by next time.
  • Make sure that you combine like terms only. Do -4x+-9x+12.
  • So you do -4xy plus -9xy and it is -13xy and drag down the six since it does not have a y and the answer is -13xy+6x.
  • So you would multiply 4 and -3 and is -12x and 4 times -2x which is -8x and you combine like terms which is -20x.
  • Looks like john hit the buzzer first. How do you do it?
  • Thanks I was very worried that I would never learn that.
  • Me too!! That was so fun. I feel more confident than I did earlier.
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