Global II

Updated: 1/11/2021
Global II

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  • The Sepoy Mutiny
  • Positive Effects of Indian Imperialisim
  • Negatives for India
  • I don't have enough food for myself😪
  • Sepoys were Indians who joined the British armies. They helped kings fight for power in India and eventually the British took control.
  • How was India the Jewel of the Crown?
  • I, an Indian, am a major supplier to materials of great Britian.
  • The positive effects of Indian Imperialism included dams, bridges, and canals were assembled. Also, truces between local warning rulers in India were formed. Finally, railroads were built
  • The Raj
  • We the British rule over India from 1757-1947
  • Cash Crops made it impossible for small farmers to produce enough food for themselves. British held all political and economic power
  • Indian National Congres
  • Hindu
  • I the British am ruling over you.
  • Muslims
  • The Industrial Revolution turned India into a major supplier of raw materials to Great Britain. 300 million Indians were a large market for British products
  • Supplies
  • To Great Britain
  • Supplies
  • The partof India that was under direct British rule was called the Raj. The Raj term referred to British rule over India from 1757 until 1947.
  • The British rule me
  • The rule of the British proceeded as Indians wanted to self govern themselves. During this period the British appeared to be racist and had a large variety of restrictions. Violence spread out against the British due to the fact that they were infuriated with India being divided into two parts, Muslim and Hindu.