TKaM 2
Updated: 11/12/2020
TKaM 2

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  • "'It couldn't be worse, Jack. The only thing we've got is a black man's word against the Ewells'. The evidence boils down to you-did--I didn't. The jury couldn't possibly be expected to take Tom Robinson's word against the Ewells'--are you acquainted with the Ewells?'" (Lee 100).
  • "'What are you going to do, then?'" (Lee 100).
  • "...'You're a generation off. The present ones are the same, though'" (Lee 100).
  • "'Before I'm through, I intend to jar the jury a bit--I think we'll have a reasonable chance on appeal, though. I really can't tell at this stage, Jack. You know, I'd hoped to get through life without a case of this kind, but John Taylor pointed at me and said, 'You're It.''" (Lee 100).
  • "Uncle Jack said yes, he remembered them. He described them to Atticus, but Atticus said..." (Lee 100).
  • "'Right. But do you think I could face my children otherwise? You know what's going to happen as well as I do, Jack, and I hope and pray I can get Jem and Scout through it without bitterness, and most of all, without catching Maycomb's usual disease. Why reasonable people go stark raving mad when anything involving a Negro comes up, is something I don't pretend to understand...'" (Lee 100-101).
  • "'Let this cup pass from yo. eh?'" (Lee 100).
  • "'...I just hope that Jem and Scout come to me for their answers instead of listening to the town. I hope they trust me enough....Jean Lousie?'" (Lee 101).
  • "'Go to bed'" (Lee 101).
  • "'Sir?'" (Lee 101).
  • "...I never figured out how Atticus knew I was listening, and it was not until many years later that I realized he wanted me to hear every word he said" (Lee 101).
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