Updated: 2/12/2021

Storyboard Description

body positivity

Storyboard Text

  • Ewww!!! Just imagine looking that bad
  • Do you really think you need more food?I mean just look at you.
  • Shortly leaves.....
  • :(((
  • I didnt know people could get this big.
  • I cant wait to be home.So no one can see me,talk about me, or even just acknowledge me.
  • Hahahahah!!¨talking continues¨
  • Grabs self vigorously and starts asking¨Why do I have to look like this,why cant I be skinny and pretty like all the other girls.¨
  • Wanna do something this weekend.
  • ¨Continues a habit of not eating for long periods of time, to the point where its getting unhealthy.But no one is putting much concern into it.
  • ¨Inaudible sounds¨
  • It has gotten to the point where she had to be sent to a hospital just to make sure she ate and stayed maintained.
  • That is very unhealthy and possibly deadly!
  • You have lost over 50 lbs.In the past few months.:(
  • Hah.. Yah, how have you been.¨Pretty good what about you?¨ Ive been doing much better but it was rough.
  • OMG!!! Is that uh... Her?Shes so um. different. Whyd she change so much.