Updated: 4/23/2020
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  • Exposition: introducing the setting: time, place and historical context
  • introducing the character: Abigail Williams and John Proctor
  • Introducing the characters: Abigail Williams, Betty, Mercy, and Mary
  • We are located in Salem, Massachusetts. Is the 1600's, people were very superstitious and there was a lot of racism.
  • Introducing the characters: Rebecca Nurse and Ann Putman
  • Abigail starts to talk to John Proctor and she insist that they are still in love and that he should leave his wife and be with her. John tells Abigail that he will be staying with his wife because regrets what happens and he insists in making things better for his family
  • Introducing characters: Reverend Parris, Reverend Hale, Thomas Putman and Tituba. 
  • Abigail is a mean girl who will do anything to get herself out of a big problem. She has a way to scare people into making what benefits her.
  • Introducing the conflict
  • Rebecca enters the room and thinks that there is nothing wrong with Betty, that she is acting as kids do. She says to not bring the reverend, that they should rely on doctors due to it leading to cause an unnecessary conflict. Ann Putnam tells Parris what he has to do, but these leads Proctor to intervene and say that he has no power to tell what has to be done.
  • The midwife had lost many children and Thomas Putnam knowing this wanted to get rid of her, Tituba was very scared because even though she was with Abigail, she didn’t want to get in any trouble with anyone and did what she thought was needed to be done.
  • The inciting incident that occurred was when Tituba was accused of being a witch by Abigail, when she was talking with Parris to get out of the situation. Based on this the story leads to it being a conflict of man vs man trying to discovers if there it witchcraft involved or not. Being this the way that people start to get at each other’s nerves until finding out the truth.
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