Catching a cold.

Updated: 6/23/2020
Catching a cold.

Storyboard Text

  • Ugh, what?! No! I don't want a subscription for umbrellas!
  • Hun, please cut it short. It's going to pour soon!
  • Oh, yeah sorry. I'm done. *hangs up*
  • Thank you, now let's go to our apartment.
  • Some time later they arrived at their apartment.
  • Ah phew, just on time. We could've catched a cold!
  • Oh lord yes your totally right! but no need to worry, we've got a medicine right?
  • Wanna watch some tv? I heard that today's a singing competition.
  • Ohh yes ofcourse! I can't say no to that offer.
  • Part 2 is coming right after this one.