Grendel is a nerd
Updated: 3/18/2021
Grendel is a nerd

Storyboard Description

Grendel the monster has a story.

Storyboard Text

  • "He found them sprawled in sleep, suspecting nothing, their dreams undisturbed. The Monster's thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws: He slipped through the door and there in the silence snatched up thirty men." (lines 33-37)
  • *whispering* RAWR, I'M AN EATER OF MEN!!!
  • King Hrothgar is absolutely shaken by the events that are occurring and Beowulf offers himself to the king to Fight Grendel. Beowulf's men were there too.
  • I Beowulf am a powerful being and want to fight Grendel because my ego needs it.
  • This beast of men is killing my warriors!!!
  • Grendel and Beowulf get ready to fight!
  • GRRRR!!!!!
  • You are no match for my godlike strength!
  • "Grendel saw that his strength was deserting him, his claws bound fast, Higlac's brave follower tearing at his hands. The monster's hatred rose higher, but his power had gone. He twisted in pain, and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split." (lines 492-498)
  • *sobs* *sniffle*
  • Grendel runs away to go cry in his man cave because he is now armless on one side and it is killing him (very slowly). How sad *sigh*
  • "Grendel's monster mother, in grief for her son, next attacks Herot, and in her dripping claws carries off one man-Hrothgar's closest friend. The monster also carries off Grendel's arm, which Beowulf had hung high from the rafters." (between lines 544-545)