Updated: 11/11/2020

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  • No it is fine! It is part of being a student after all to have an social responsibility.
  • So the effects of it? As I have known, we cannot stare at the sun because it will damage our eyesight, and exposure can lead to cataracts, corneal ulcers, and retinal burns. Infrared radiation from the sunlight can damage our skin too!
  • So I was asking for your time to talk and teach me about the effects of Infrared radiation to living organisms and the environment.. If it is okay for you?
  • Yeah, we talk somehow, and earlier, I was startled by your question too about that while on call.
  • Some infrared examples are night-vision cameras which suitable for soldiers to fight at night. This kind of camera detects the temperature like our body is hot or warm, it will be easy for them to see people at night because of those.
  • So you talk with your crush? So coincidence it talks about Infrared too!
  • Oh yeah speaking of, what are the other things that involves infrared?
  • Thank you so much In Jae for giving your time for me! I now truly understand how remote controllers work!
  • H-How did you know? If you are mad I'm sorry! I just want to pay you back for giving your time for me this pass few days.
  • It's okay Dal mi, I am also glad about it! He told me the truth when things get awkward, I think I need to go it is getting dark.
  • Any time! I am your study buddy, so why not helping each other? since I know that you convince Jipyeong to talk to me and ask about anything HAHAHA
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