Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The Battle Of Marathon held place in Marathon Greece
  • The Citizens of athens and a persian force were both involved in the Battle Of Marathon
  • The Battle Of Marathon was started because the persian army wanted to destroy greek city-states that supported the upringing in ionia
  • Persians one the Battle of Marathon
  • The battle of Thermoplyae was held in Thermoplyae Greece
  • Greeks won the battle of Thermoplyae
  • In the Battle of Thermoplyae was fought between an aliiance of greek city states and the aechmid empire
  • The battle of Thermoplyae was started bc greek wanted to make a stand
  • The greek and persian army were both part of the battle of salamis
  • This battle was fought in athens
  • The battle of salamis was just another batlle at sea
  • The battle of Salamis was won by King Xerxes