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1.3 gov storyboard
Updated: 9/24/2020
1.3 gov storyboard
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  • Stamp Act Congress [1765]
  • the Townsend Duties [1767]
  • Boston Tea Party [1773]
  • Cause: parliament decided that Americans should start paying for their own defense.Event Facts: parliament passed a series of laws that raised taxes in the colonies.Impact/Effect: Americans started paying more.
  • outbreak of the revolution [1774-1775]
  • cause:Parliament taxed the colonies without consulting anyone living in thecoloniesEvent Facts:Parliament taxed the colonies without consulting anyone living in thecoloniesImpact/Effect: the colonists wanted to protest.
  • the declaration of independence [1776]
  • cause: British was taxing the Americans still without representationEvent Facts:white men dressed as Indians were on a boat dumping out tea of the British Impact/Effect:costed the British millions of dollars.
  • Global Impact of the Declaration [1789]
  • cause: there was a congress in September 1774 about sending protests and petitions.Event facts: 12 colonies agreed to meet again in May, 1775 to see how Britain responded Impact/Effects: the seconded congress was on May 10, 1775 they agreed to help out Massachusetts, also they formed a army and the army chose George Washington.
  • cause: Boldly declared that America would no longer recognize Britain as its sovereign nationEvent facts: the declaration of independence was signed on July 4, 1776Impact/Effects: americans were no longer subjects to King George
  • cause: allowed them to open talks eith france and spain event facts:•The Declaration was actually the first time that a group of colonistsmade a public announcement while breaking away from imperial ruleImpact/Effects: helped lead to the outbreak of a revolution in France in 1789
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