Number The Stars (Chapter 5)
Updated: 5/10/2020
Number The Stars (Chapter 5)

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  • I don't think so Ellen
  • Do you think the soldiers will come?
  • Do not worry about the soldiers i think they wouldn't come
  • You are friend of Rosen family so you're probably hiding them.
  • I am not hiding nothing!
  • Anniemarie, Ellen and Mr. Johansen are talking about hiding Ellen on their house.
  • I will pull it, this probably may hurt
  • The soldiers arrived!! I'm going to removed your collar!
  • But I can't take it off!!
  • Ellen will sleep in Aniemarie's bedroom, they will pretend Ellen is her sister.
  • Why she is black-haired?!
  • We can explain!
  • The next day, the soldiers appear, searching for The Ellen's family.
  • You see?! She is part of the family we are not lying!
  • Anniemarie awake listening the soldiers and Anniemarie removes Ellen's collar so the soldiers don't see it.
  • The soldiers start searching for her family, but they do not find nothing and they think Ellen isn´t part of the family because she is dark-haired.
  • Dad searchs photos of Lise when she was little because she was black-haired too, the soldiers thought Ellen was part of the family, so they left the house.