Abby's Reading Project #1 - ttyl / Lauren Myracle
Updated: 3/13/2020
Abby's Reading Project #1 - ttyl / Lauren Myracle

Storyboard Text

  • Angela (left) runs into her boyfriend, Rob (right), on a date with another girl. Angela is heartbroken. She's one of those girls who thinks every boy she sees is her true love. Rob was different, though. He truly hurt her.
  • Zoe (right) is on a "date" with her teacher. It's a long story, but now he is trying to take advantage of her. Luckily, her friends Angela and Maddie are on the way to save the day. They are going to diffuse the situation and save Zoe's hide.
  • The Winsome Threesome decides they're going to go on a road trip together. They've wanted to do this for so long. Now Maddie has a car, and their dreams can become a reality. In the time frame of the book, they do not end up going on this trip.
  • Maddie (front) is at a party. She is heavily intoxicated, and about to do something she regrets for a huge crowd. Meanwhile, the girl that was supposed to be her friend laughs on. This will haunt Maddie for months to come.
  • Angela has met her newest crush, Ben Schlanker. They are working on a play together, and Angela has never shown interest in the artsy type. There's a first time for everything. It doesn't end up working, though; Ben is unfortunately taken.
  • Maddie is upset at her "former" friends. They decide this feud has gone on for too long, but Maddie won't listen. Angela had the genius idea to make her a care package, and that's exactly what they did. They're leaving it in front of her house now.