Updated: 3/18/2020

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  • Ravi had never cared to enter such a dark and depressing mortuary of defunct householdgoods
  • Ravi shook, then shivered with delight, with self-congratulation. Also with fear. It was dark,spooky in the shed.
  • Ravi sat back on the harsh edge of the tub, deciding to hold out a bit longer.
  • It then occurred to him that he could have slipped out long ago, dashed across the yard to theveranda, and touched the "den.'' It was necessary to do that to win. He had forgotten.
  • Out on the lawn, the children stopped chanting. They all turned to stare at him in amazement
  • But he had been forgotten, left out, and he wouldnot join them now. The ignominy of being forgotten—how could he face it?
  • He lay down full length on the damp grass, crushinghis face into it, no longer crying, silenced by a terrible sense of his insignificance.