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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/10/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Marques de Rubi Report 1766
  • we don´t want to close this town down
  • this is much better
  • Ybarbo Starts Nacogdoches 1779
  • were going back to the east men.
  • Louisiana Purchase 1803
  • i will sell you Louisiana for 15 million.
  • that seems like a fair deal i will buy.
  • Rubi insects the towns and missions and tells them to shut them down except for La Bahia and San Antonio
  • Father Hidalgo 1810
  • this is not fair the way you treat us we will stand for are rights.
  • Y Barbo was not happy to leave east Texas so he rallyed some men to head back to east Texas.
  • Battle of Medina 1812-13
  • ahhhhhhhh
  • attack
  • The Louisiana perches was sold for 15 million dollars to the U.S and dobbed the land of the U.S.
  • Adams-Onis Treaty 1819
  • ya this is a good border
  • so what do you think of the border between the U.S and Spain.
  • Father Hidalgo did not like how Spain was treating them so he started a war for their rights.
  • The battle of Medina was the blodeist battle on Texas soil and after hours the republicans had to retret.
  • go around
  • The U.S and Spain found the Sabine river to be the border between the U.S and Spain.
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