My epic story
Updated: 4/8/2021
My epic story

Storyboard Text

  • Ordinary World
  • Call to Adventure
  • Refusal
  • Oscar is an amazing warrior who only cares about people that match his social status. He sees others of lower status as inferior.
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • One day, the Senate of Equestria, Oscar's hometown, is called together and decides it needs to expand its territory. They decide that Oscar should lead these expeditions.
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • Oscar does not want to come with them as he would be leaving his mother and hometown, returning years later.
  • Tests/ Allies/ Enemies
  • He meets his teacher, Arthur the Great, for assistance. Arthur explains to him that he should go on the expedition as it helps the greater good. Arthur sensed that this would be a life-altering experience for him.
  • Oscar decides to leave his hometown and expand Equestria's territory.
  • Oscar faces many challenges as he travels throughout Europe.