Storyboard - Steve Jobs
Updated: 5/26/2021
Storyboard - Steve Jobs

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  • Faculdade de Tecnologia de Mauá - FATECNeusa Aparecida Bela da SilvaE-mail:
  • In 2007 Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone in San Francisco. Everyone in the audience was so excited about this launch. It was a historic moment that totally revolutionized the mobile phone industry by introducing this new concept.
  • The goal of this presentation was to show how Apple is on the forefront of great inventions that have revolutionized many industries, like: the music, and the computers. Therefore, Steve Jobs shows a new product that simply integrated music, cell phone and internet connection into a single device called Iphone,once again being disruptive and brilliant.
  • This presentation shows how Apple has always been seeking to reinvent itself since 1984 by introducing the Macintosh, as well as the iPod.T hen, the most expected moment was the presentation of the new way of using the mobile phone by integrating internet, music and cell phone in only one device.
  • This presentation was fast and effective and proved that Steve Jobs, besides being brilliant, was a great speaker who knew how to excite people and believe in his brand and in the power that Apple has to revolutionize several industries.
  • Thank you so much!