Broken Blade By: Alexis Larson Hr. 5
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade By: Alexis Larson Hr. 5

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  • Aaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • Haha, ya venison for dinner tonight.
  • Owww my blisters hurt so bad.
  • look out here we come!!
  • Aahhh!!
  • Noooo, La Lond
  • Pierre's father chopped off his thumb while doing Pierre's job. So Pierre decided it was up to him to become a voyageur to help to support his family
  • Pierre isn't getting treated the best by a couple of the people in brigade. But he is greatful for La Lond who is helping through the way. Pierre is feeling kind of home sick but dosn't know for sure how he feels about it yet.
  • Yes!
  • You like Kennewah?
  • Pierre's brigade chose to take the rapids,and the bow of their canoe got stuck in the rocks. so La Lond jumped out to save the brigade from the canoe behind them, when he lost his balance and got swept away. Pierre and Emile had to ask why him? He was such a good friend to Pierre. Why him??
  • My son, oh my your all grown up
  • Iv'e missed you so much dad
  • Pierre wasn't to sure about crossing the big lake because of the stories his dad had talked about. Pierre and the brigade decided to cut straight through the lake when a big storm came and the white caps were so big they started to fill the canoe. So they the were forced to stop at Michipicoten island, but before the could get there a few men had to bail because of all the water they were taking in. But the men made it out safely
  • Pierre's brigade was taking so long one morning and he was wondering why, but when they started paddling Pierre could start to see Grand Portage and when they got a little closer Pierre thought "we came all this way for some pointy logs stuck into the ground." But as he got to know the culture and the people he realized it was a great place with lots of great people. They also had lots of amazing big feasts. He met this girl, Kennewah who he started to really like and one time she asked him to pick berries with her and he was very excited to do it.
  • Pierre decided to travel back home to Lachine with his brigade, he is planing to sign up again up next year and maybe do the wintering and spend time with his new friends. Pierre reunited with his dad while he was chopping wood and was planning to surprise hos mother and sister of hies return.