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Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello! How's going?
  • No Title
  • Uhh..... who are you again?
  • I'm your brother's fiance. We have met before.
  • OHH! So you are that masochist.
  • Wait, I have to something that I want to discuss with you.
  • .........
  • But, first, can we find a place to fill my stomach?
  • Sure! Come to my apartment then.
  • If you have nothing to talk about, I will be going.
  • Ten hours later........
  • Ten hours later.......
  • It's too much work, and I'm tired. Just talk to my brother since he's your fiance.
  • You are full now. Please leave my place.
  • B-but I have still need to discuss with you.
  • Bruh......