Updated: 9/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Well, I believe in fate, everything happens for a reason.....
  • Hi Everyone! I am the wise one around here.
  • Not so fast, I am also the beauty with brains....
  • Well, I am leaving. I wish the best of luck to you both
  • I ain't going anywhere, whatever will be will be. I have faith in fate
  • Me too, I will find a way to leave later.
  • Guys I heard the fisherman saying that they will come to capture us! We have to leave now..
  • I see two fishes, let's catch them !
  • I am saved ,the fisherman thought me to be dead and threw me away. I have to escape before they see me alive.
  • I should have listened to the advice of the wise one when I had the time. I am doomed now!!
  • Throw the net! Don't let them escape!!!