Dead mans pocket, but really really fast

Updated: 9/13/2020
Dead mans pocket, but really really fast

Storyboard Text

  • Is it hot in here or is it me? Wait, I just realized it was my guilt of leaving my wife to watch a movie I wanted to watch, even though I have work to do.
  • Are you sure that you want to go even though I have to stay here and work, Clare.
  • Yes.
  • And then,she left!
  • Oh no! The yellow paper in scene 1-2 blew away because of the warm current coming from outside. Chances are I'm going on a wild goose chase now.
  • One wild goose chase later...
  • Huh...Clare has only been gone for only 8 minutes since Clare left, and I'm most likely going to die here... but I got the yellow paper, even though it was most likely not worth it... I've tried getting peoples attention but nobody will look up...
  • Only option now is breaking open the window with my shoulder breaking into the house. But chances are, I'm not just going to lose them afterward, right